Co-op #3, Month #2: Back To The Office

Just like that, another month has gone by, and I’m now more than halfway through my third co-op term. Let’s see what I’ve been doing and learning! What’s it’s like being in the office for the first time? What new projects have I been involved with? And how have I been able to take ownership of my work?

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Co-op #2, Month #4: Final Mile

Wow, time flies! In the blink of an eye, I’ve got the final month of my second co-op term under my belt. Where was I able to make an impact in this last month? What new opportunities were brought to light? How did it feel to bring the term to an end? And what’s next in my journey?

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Co-op #2, Month 2: Exciting opportunities

Without further ado, here’s my monthly co-op reflection blog from February! February went by quick, but let’s dive into all the exciting work I’ve been a part of. What new challenges have I faced? What have I achieved in the past month? Who have I connected with? And how have I used these opportunities to learn and grow?

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