Saying Goodbye to Diy5

In 2019, I launched Diy5 with the goal of reducing the barrier of entry to hobby electronics (and STEM in general) by providing low-cost parts and tools to western markets.

As a maker, engineer, and lover of technology, I always enjoyed tinkering with hobby electronics and building my own solutions to the problems and challenges I see in my everyday life. 

Unfortunately, like many others, I found it hard to find the right tools and parts at a reasonable price. That’s why I started Diy5. Diy5 provided all the benefits of buying from international markets, with much less risk. When a customer bought from us, they got the benefits of cheaper pricing and shipping, in addition to our thorough product descriptions, and our comprehensive return policy. In starting my own business, I learned firsthand about the challenges and rewards of being an entrepreneur.

In the 3 years since, Diy5 has become overshadowed by other initiatives I’ve chosen to pursue. I’ve found the excitement of being an entrepreneur elsewhere, and as I move further away from it, I came to the hard decision to take Diy5 offline.

By no means does this represent an end to my journey as an entrepreneur or in working towards these goals. In fact, I’m working on something new that’s just around the corner, which I hope you allow me to continue the legacy of Diy5, in a more meaningful and relevant way. Thank you for joining me on this journey, and I can’t for what to come!