The Walk-Up Experience Post COVID-19

Walk-up is a key channel in IT Service Management, where end-users can approach a service desk and get live support as needed. The walk-up channel has experienced a renaissance as IT teams have sought to balance goals of operational efficiency with an emphasis on outstanding user experience.

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Impact and Considerations of Strategy Services for the Customization of Large-Scale Software Platforms

ThoughtWire offers customized software for Smart Buildings and Smart Hospitals. As a result of their decision to customize the platform for each customer, they face a higher barrier to gaining commitment for license purchases, especially on large projects. To solve this, the Strategic Initiatives team has proposed introducing a Strategy & Solutions team to deliver pre-license consulting services. This report aids in creating a stronger understanding of the problem and addressing key implications of the proposed solution to ensure optimal implementation.

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Enhancing Onboarding on Agile Projects by Bridging the Gap Between Expectations and Reality

Onboarding is an increasingly critical activity in software development. For BDO Canada’s Digital, Data, and Cyber team, it is particularly relevant because of the several co-op students who join each semester. Software onboarding is necessary because of the technical nature of software projects, and the impacts on team productivity. This report defines and explores the challenge, its solutions, and their impacts.

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